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If you are looking for the ultimate in motorcycle tours, Great Aussie Motorcycle Tours offers everything you are looking for and more. With a range of tours, there is something for everyone. Discover the icons of Australia in this beautiful country as you wind your way through the red earth of the Outback, marvel at the awe inspiring Great Barrier Reef and take in the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour as you ride across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Make lifelong friends and improve your riding skills as you undertake the journey of a lifetime.



Paul Riley is a passionate motorcycle rider who has worked as one of Sydney, Australia’s first Motorcycle Paramedics. Surviving Sydney’s chaotic traffic on an emergency motorcycle is a challenge in itself. He also worked as an EMT-Paramedic, Paramedic Educator, Rescue Officer for 19 years (he was Ambulance Officer of the year in 1990 and was assigned to help Bill Clinton when in Australia in 1997) before leaving to work as a Road Safety Project Manager prior to commencing his own business in 2011. Seeing a need to help others survive the roads through improving riding skills, Paul now provides riders with enhanced riding skills. A natural extension of this has been organizing tours for riders who love the experience of motorcycles and wish to explore this great country on this mode of transport. Because of the vastness of Australia, Paul has lead groups on many tours from simple day rides to 8,000 kilometre (5,000 mile) treks across the country exploring all that a country similar in land mass to the USA, but with only 22 million people, can offer. Paul’s experience as a mechanic helps to complete the package for riders so they are assured of receiving multiple facets to each ride. The main benefits offered are riders receive not only a great holiday but instruction on riding, motorcycle maintenance, and crash scene management along the way.


Choose from one of our three unique tours

Sydney Rock and Reef

FROM $8,220 USD / $11,400 AUD

Come and ride to Australia’s greatest icons on the best mode of transport - motorcycle. Late in the Aussie winter is the best time to experience the beauty of Sydney Harbor as you ride across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, immerse yourself in the the vibrancy of the underwater wonderland, the Great Barrier Reef (stopping for three nights), then ride through Outback Queensland to Alice Springs, exploring the best of the Australian Outback and arrive at Uluru (Ayers Rock) (Two nights in each). Make your way back to Sydney and discover wide open plains and the outback mining town of Broken Hill in New South Wales. Returning  through South Australia you will stay in unique accommodation underground in Coober Pedy. This vast land has a captivating beauty that can only be truly enjoyed completely on a motorcycle. Long distances are covered but are also achievable because of the remoteness. An added bonus is always the lure of the Northern Territory where in some places there are no speed limits.

Includes accommodation, breakfasts and dinners (including the famous Sounds of Silence dinner at Uluru) and motorcycle hire. Pillion passengers are $5,820 USD / $7,900 AUD per person.


The Alpine Way

FROM $1,840 USD / $2,550 AUD

Depart Sydney and head south west to the beautiful Snowy Mountains around 6 hours from Sydney. Stay in Thredbo for three nights and use this as a base for exploring the tremendous roads of the region. Late November early December are the best times to enjoy this region where you can be riding alpine roads and taking in the raw summer landscape then an hour later be in the midst of some of New South Wales country towns for lunch before returning to Thredbo each night. Australia’s Snowy Hydro scheme tours are an optional treat as are cable car rides from Thredbo for a sky high restaurant dinner (if available- maintenance often causes this trip to be cancelled in summer). Return to Sydney via the New South Wales coastline and the second oldest national park in the world.

Includes motorcycle rental.


The Best of Tasmania

FROM $3,860 USD / $5,350 AUD

Australia’s apple isle simply offers riders some of the best roads in Australia. Great scenery and fabulous winding roads that seem to go on forever. Best enjoyed in the late Aussie summer/Early Fall (February/March), Departs Melbourne and begins with an overnight ferry journey to Tasmania then seven days touring this small island. Hardly a straight road on the island, Tasmania is the most popular riding destination for all serious riders. Travel around 350km (210miles) each day only. Return on the ferry and finish the journey in Australia’s second largest city- Melbourne known  for great food and wine, an eclectic art scene and world class events.

Includes motorcycle rental and return Tasmanian ferry for rider and motorcycle.